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Gabriel Kunst is a poet, PhD candidate, literary translator, and singer-songwriter based in Montreal. He is the author of Les cœurs de pomme et leur syntaxe (Triptyque, 2019) and his French translation of Carmine Starnino's This Way Out was published earlier this year (Hashtag, 2020). His poems in English, French and German have appeared in different journals in the UK, Canada, and France. He is also coeditor of PØST-, an online poetry journal.

His research is centered on contemporary French poetry, American and Irish modernism, Samuel Beckett and comparative literature. His thesis project focuses on the influence of Gertrude Stein on French poetry since the 1990s, especially on poets associated with the postpoetic or literalist movements (Nathalie Quintane, Charles Pennequin, Jean-Marie Gleize, Christophe Hanna). His master's thesis will be published as an essay later this year (Classiques Garnier, 2020).

His music videos can be found on his YouTube page. He is currently working on new original songs.


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